What Others Say


Mary Ann helped JesusCentral craft what is now our primary message to key constituents. In a short time, people get what we do and get motivated to join in.

– Vipool Patel
President of JesusCentral.com


Kingdom Presenters is for anyone that wants to be more effective at moving hearts, touching lives, or even opening wallets for great causes around the globe. Come to one short seminar and walk away a better speaker, a more effective presenter for the Kingdom.

– Tim Marusich
Social Entrepreneur and Christian Volunteer


I am an enthusiastic fan of Mary Ann Mariani! She is a master at helping people tell their story in a coherent, concise and compelling manner.

Mary Ann combines her years of experience as a professional presentation coach with a deep love for the Lord and a desire to help people express their faith. I am thankful that she is offering this important ministry to all of us; we have a story to tell!

– Steve Murray
Senior Pastor at La Jolla Community Church

evelyn DeVillers

I can say that I absolutely loved your workshop. I occasionally speak at churches, Stephen’s Ministries, schools and even Boy Scout troops and your class helped me to organize my talks in a way that is far more impactful than in the past. I also feel that it is important to grow, learn and do our best at presenting with excellence since we are ambassadors of Christ and represent Him in everything we do. Your class emphasizes this importance. I like that we learned to incorporate Listening Prayer and loved how you did this with me personally when you helped me organize my talk on “Depression and suicide” for our church.

– Evelyn de Villiers, Ph.D.
Christian Volunteer and Licensed Clinical Psychologist

marcia ramsland

Wow, your all day seminar today was wonderful!!! You did such a good job and have a wealth of expertise that is SO needed by all of us speakers.  Be sure to keep offering it again and again.

I was personally so blessed and challenged. I really valued the  videotaping and feedback on presenting. I was looking for that kind of audience feedback.

Do it again, Friend! This is your calling – to equip people to more effectively communicate their message!

– Marcia Ramsland
Speaker * Author * Media Guest Expert


Barbara Metzle

What a blessing you are and what a gift you have given us! Thank you so much for ALL you did to help us sharpen our speaking skills. You are a treasure in OH SO MANY WAYS! Everything about our day of coaching was enjoyable…hospitality, tips, recordings, the group you assembled, your curriculum, and your concise and succinct presentations (this is actually in reverse order). I can’t wait to put the thoughts you shared into practice, which will glorify God through passionaries’ like you.

– Barbara Metzler
Speaker, and Author

michelle lebeau

Wow! You must have hit it out of the park today! I heard such wonderful things from so many who attended!

Thank you so much for lending your talents to serve God and our church. We are so blessed to be able to learn from you. You should feel very proud and excited about what you have to offer, the response you’re getting, and the potential for taking Kingdom Presenters to exciting new levels that you never even imagined!

– Michelle Le Beau
Director of Community Life – La Jolla Community Church