Learn to Speak So People Listen

Captivate, inspire and move people to action with clear and compelling communication skills

  • If you are called to be a spokesperson for your ministry, are you ready?
  • Does your ministry presentation engage the audience and keep their attention?
  • Does your ministry story compel the audience to partner with you?
  • Is your message so clear that people remember it and tell others?

If your answer is no on any count, you are not alone.

Public speaking intimidates and scares a lot of people. It can range from slight nervousness to paralyzing fear and panic. You fumble for words. You speak too fast. You’ve prepared for hours, yet still feel unprepared. You lack the skills to engage your audience and present your message effectively, and it prevents you from sharing your vision clearly and rallying the support you need.

Good Presentation Skills can Make or Break You and Your Ministry

Successful ministries know that they need donors, volunteers and champions to help them to realize their ministry vision. Christian speakers know they must captivate, inspire and provide a meaningful message to their audience in order to impact lives. We want our communication to open hearts, minds, and at times, wallets for causes we believe make a difference for the Kingdom or our communities.

The good news is that these skills can be learned. I would even venture to say you can actually ENJOY speaking in public. Schedule a complimentary “Next Best Move” strategy call with me to determine your next best move, based on your specific circumstances and current objectives.

MaryAnn MarianiKingdom Presenters Can Help You!

I’m Mary Ann Mariani, founder of Kingdom Presenters. As a professional presentation skills coach, my passion is to equip people with the skills they need to be comfortable and effective presenting in a variety of settings…one-on-one, in a small group or on a huge stage.

I have spent the past 15 years coaching professionals with 2Connect, an elite presentation training firm based in San Diego, California. I felt God call me to found Kingdom Presenters in 2008 so that I could use my skills to equip Christians and ministries to better communicate their message and further their work for the Kingdom.

If you need to sharpen your presentation skills to fulfill God’s call to speak publicly for His purposes, I would love to help you. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Download and read my free e-Book, Speak to Attract Donors, Volunteers and Champions with this 6 Step Formula. As one ministry leader expressed, “It’s like drinking water from a firehose as it is incredibly chock full of important information every ministry speaker should address!”
  • Visit my “Work With Me” page for information on upcoming workshops, one-on-one coaching and other services.
  •  Schedule a complimentary “Next Best Move” strategy call with me to determine your next best move, based on your specific circumstances and current objectives. (A $149 value!)

Don’t let your fear of speaking get in the way of advancing your ministry and following God’s call for your life. You will be amazed at how confident and effective you will be in a short period of time once we work together.

Mary Ann Mariani has been an incredible blessing to the Barnabas Group and the many ministries we serve. Our members are Christian marketplace leaders with a passion to serve other ministries with their time, talent and treasures.

Mary Ann’s dynamic, on-target teaching and mentoring has already helped many ministries create succinct, inspirational presentations to share their vision, needs and challenges more effectively with our members, resulting in them securing the help they need to advance their ministry. She has also given several seminars for us which have been ‘worth their weight in gold’! I am so thankful God brought Mary Ann to the Barnabas Group!”

—Jim West, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
The Barnabas Group

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